Reference Resistors

Reference resistors packaged in stable metal box in various resistance ranges

Box with precision resistors

We offer reference resistors reliably packaged in stable metal housings. The resistors are supplied with traceable calibration. Measurement of the temperature coefficient at room temperature is optional. Resistors up to 100kΩ are contacted in 4 wire mode. Connection is done using 4mm laboratory gold plated plugs. The Ultra High Ohm product uses PTFE isolated plugs. The housing is also contacted by a 4mm laboratory plug. The Mid Ohm variant also offers a PT100 temperature sensor contacted by 2mm laboratory plugs.

Your benefits:

Variant Mid Ohm (210311_ART_01)

Variant High Ohm (210311_ART_02)

Variant Ultra High Ohm (210311_ART_03)

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