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Collection service

We pick up your instruments personally, to reduce transportation risks. Free of charge within 10km of Wetzikon ZH.

Weekend Calibration

No production delay. Bring in the device on Friday, its ready on Monday morning.

On-Site Calibration

Do you have installed or large immobile measurement equipment? Do you have a huge set of instruments of lower precision? We are capable to measure many quantities on-site. We are open to discuss possible solutions.


A QR-code on the calibrated equipment will give you online access to calibration certificates. If you wish, we can track calibration due dates for your euqipment.

Calibration Capabilities

We are accredited by the Swiss Accrediation Service (SAS). Please find a detailed list of our measurement capabilties here. The following table gives a short summary:

Measured Quantity Range Best Measurement
Electrical Quantities
Voltage DC 10 µV - 1 kV ≥3*10-6
Voltage AC 10 µV - 1 kV
10 Hz -1 MHz
High Tension DC bis 20kV ≥220*10-6
High Tension AC bis 15kV
45 Hz - 60 Hz
Current DC 10 µA - 700A ≥36*10-6
Current AC 100 µA - 11 A (300A) ≥140*10-6
Resistance DC 100 µOhm - 1 GOhm ≥3*10-6
Capacitance 100pF - 1mF
10 Hz - 10 kHz

RF Power

-30 dBm to 20 dBm
10 kHz bis 2.2 GHz

RF Reflection

300kHz to 8GHz ≥0.006 + R * 0.006

RF Transmission

300kHz to 8GHz
0dB to 50dB

Typical Devices

Device Range Calibration Procedure
Digital mulimeters 3,5-6,5 Digits Voltage, Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency Euramet cg-15
Current probe, Current transducer 1500A 50/60Hz, 500A bis 5kHz Direct measurement
Insulation tester, Installation tester 15kV DC, 12kV 50-60Hz AC, Loop resistance, RCD trigger current and trigger time Device dependent or DKD 2622 Blatt 9.1
Generatoren, Netzgeräte, Spannungs-Stromquellen, Kalibratoren Voltage, Current Direct measurement
Resistance Decade 100 µOhm - 1 GOhm Direct measurement
Frequency counter up to 18Ghz Direct measurement
Fequency generator up to 18 GHz -30 up to 20dBm Direct measurement
RF power meter up to 2 GHz Direct measurement
Oscilloscopes up to 2 GHz Euramet cg-7
Temperature indicators J,K,S,T Thermocouples Euramet cg-11
Data loggers Current, Voltage, Temperature indication Device dependent
VNA Time base, calibration kit, power up to 8GHz Device dependent
RF Calibration kits Reflexion and transmission Direct measurement
RF Two-ports Reflexion and transmission Direct measurement

Feel free to contact us, even if your instrument is not listed here. We will check the calibration posibilities.