VPN Wireguard

Instructions with the most important links for safe installation. Proposal for configuration and testing of the function.

Wireguard is an easy to install and reliable VPN software. I like that it only uses a UDP which is not easy to identify from outside. We not only use it to connect to the company network, but also to access our servers. This enables us to restrict the number of WAN accessible ports to a minimum.



There is a installation program, which offers a graphical user interface.


Follow the recipe here.

VLAN Organisation

We have foreseen an own private IP range for the VLANs. This means that every VPN-capable device has a fixed assigned IP address. If a Wireguard configuration is activated, a virtual interface with the specified IP is implemented. One can control this using ipconfig on windows or ifconfig on Linux. With the entry “Allowed IPs” in the Wireguard configuration you determine which network can be reached via this interface. To check this on windows use the following commands:

netstat -rn
route print